We make videos

NHS Services Promotion video
NHS Wirral

When we take on making a video for you, we need to know a few things first and then you can rest assured that we’ll work to ensure we deliver exactly what you want and more.

We need to know:

  • who the video is aimed at
  • what messages and information you want to get across
  • what your audience may or may not know before they see your video
  • how you want your audience to feel after they’ve watched your video
  • what you want your audience to do after they’ve watched your video
  • how will people be watching your video (DVD player, website)

We will then work out and plan with you the best way to include all those elements into a video – taking into account service user stories and experiences, people who could be interviewed who reflect the aims of the video, how staff and partners could be involved, which services best reflect your organisation and the flow and content of your video.

Children’s Exercise Programme Video
Stretch-n-Grow UK

This outline script will take into account the commercial video production elements that we will all agree will work well with the aim of your video – such things as:

  • opening sequence
  • tilte screens
  • aims of chosen interviews
  • cut-away footage
  • service user stories and case studies
  • graphics, photographs, captions
  • motion graphics
  • voice-over links
  • closing sequence
  • credits
  • menu screens

We will draft an outline script of your video which we will progress into a filming schedule to capture relevant footage – interviews and cut-away footage to suit the video.

Once we have completed all the filming we will produce a ‘first cut’ of the video.  We’ll then watch it together, discuss your amendments, edit those amendments into the video and produce the final master video.

We will then carry out all of your post-production, including disc label designs, disc copies and disc case designs and packaging.