We make videos for charities

The main bulk of our experience is within charities. Before setting up Keystone, we were both heavily involved with a number of charities – on a national level e.g. Action for Children, After Adoption, Bacup and on a regional level e.g. David Lewis Centre.

We know how charities work, we know the constraints you’re under, we know how your infrastructure and governance work, we know your different audiences and stakeholders, we know how important your work is and we know how to work with your service users, staff, carers and families.

Charity Promotion Video

The Railway Benefit Fund

We’ve now produced a variety of videos for charities including promotion, information, website and fund-raising videos.  Our clients include:

  • The Railway Benefit Fund
  • LinkAbilty
  • The Mental Health Foundation
  • The Advocacy Project
  • Integrate
  • The Lancashire Learning Difficulty Partnership

We also work in conjunction with the Deafness Support Network in the production of our videos for people who are d/Deaf.