Staff & Carer Filming
Profile & Service User Video

We can edit footage taken by your staff and carers.

These videos are made more effective and more efficient to edit if the footage is shot properly. We can help your staff and carers do that.

A profile video can be such a powerful tool. You can reflect a person’s personality and character as well as clearly outline the care and support someone receives.

The training day will include such things as:

  • holding and supporting the camera
  • film at their level
  • planning your filming session
  • filming in the home
  • activities to film
  • types of shot
  • making it easier to edit
  • dos and don’ts


£ 750 £ 550 for the day

For up to 8 delegates
£50 for addditional delegates (maximum: 12 delegates)
Refreshments and food – to be discussed as it depends on location
Staff & Service User Involvement
Promotion & Information Video Production

This is a recent video we helped tenants from Green Vale Homes and Pennine 2000 Housing make.

The tenants did some of the filming, all of the interviews, the voice-over recording and some of the editing.

Making a full production video is thorough work – lighting, sound recording, filming, editing, etc, etc. But not all videos need the full Spielberg or Peter Jackson treatment!

Some video work can be taken on ‘in-house’ to produce great results that will help keep costs down; get staff, service users and tenants involved; give you the full control of the end result and help keep your communication, presentations and websites alive, interesting and up-to-date.

We can spend a full day at your premises or chosen location to deliver a comprehensive, inclusive and interesting days training that will go a long way to giving your staff, service users and tenants the information, knowledge and skills they need to tackle making their own videos for their own audiences.

We will make the day bespoke to your needs, especially if you have a video project in mind, which will include:

  • clarify aims and objectives of your video
  • define who the target audience(s) is
  • tease out the information and messages to be included in your video
  • brainstorm filming opportunities and key people that reflect your information and messages
  • produce a criteria to help choose the final filming footage and interviews
  • scope out a basic script
  • basic filming techniques – including making the best of your audio
  • interview techniques
  • voice-over recording techniques
  • ‘hands-on’ interviewing, recording and videoing
  • make your own ‘short’ videos
  • watch the videos we’ve made
  • everyone’s a critique


£ 950 £ 850 for the day

For up to 12 delegates
£50 for addditional delegates (maximum: 20 delegates)
Refreshments and food – to be discussed as it depends on location