Video support to NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

We made this video for Cheshire, Wirral and Warrington’s Commissioning Support Services from their staff launch event.

The video of the event last Friday is great. I know they all think its really good and are very impressed.

Wow! It looks fantastic! I just looked at it, it really is fabulous, thank you!!!

We also made videos for their website of all the speeches. workshop and feedback sessions plus the Q&A session to show staff who couldn’t attend the event.

We can enhance your presentations, communications and information with budget conscious, professional videos and webcasts.

We’ve already worked with a number of CCGs and CSS’ in support of their work to establish themselves in the developing NHS framework of services.

We’ve produced videos and webcasts to be included in:

  • presentations to governing bodies
  • website videos
  • presentations to stakeholders
  • staff information
  • videos about services
  • videos distributed to stakeholders
  • webcasts
  • staff awards

We’re very flexible in the way we approach our work with you.  We are knowledgable and able to endorse your messages and information through the videos we produce for you in a very clear, direct and accessible way.

We keep our filming very simple and affective – our production set up is very portable with the ability to set up wherever it’s easiest for you.  We also work very hard to ensure people are kept as relaxed as possible – especially important when filming service users, patients and families.

Some example videos

A CCG website video

A CSS video presentation for the NCB

A CSS staff presentation video

A short NHS service video

A NHS staff award video


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